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The MCIR (Micro Computer Integrated Rifle) is a "smart" M4/M16 rifle buttstock, with an onboard integrated computer enabling operators to shoot around corners, control sUAS assets and a minimal SWAP-C weighing less than half a pound. It's the world's only "Smart Rifle" buttstock (U.S PATENT-US10488151 – “BUTT STOCK ASSEMBLY FOR A RIFLE”) and is capable of fitting on any MIL-SPEC M4/M16 buffer tube. The MCIR system can enable [TRL-07] "Rapid Target Acquisition", "sUAS Control/VDL/SA" and "Command Live Stream Down Iron Sights/Scopes".

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Phase III Contracting Info

FWS-I System Issues 

the "Competition"

The MCIR (Micro Computer Integrated Rifle) Gen 08 capabilities as developed for the United States Air Force under SBIR/STTR Phase II contract. The capabilities were proven at [TRL-07] or "System prototype demonstration in a Warfighter environment". The Gen 08 MCIR has been tested with over 1,000 live rounds.

Rapid Target Acquisition: The ability to shoot around corners or obstacles. (Similar DoD system, FWS-I, cost $9,500 to $18,500 complete IVAS system, major flaws: thermal vision dependency and goggle dependency ).

sUAS Control, Video Download Links and Situational Awareness: The ability to cue & control sUAS assets from a device, the ability to download sUAS footage and the ability to have surrounding situational awareness.(Similar DoD system, various, cost $2,000 to $10,000, major flaws: standalone systems, require complicated use of operator assault vest in time of combat).

Command Livestream Operators View (Down Rifle Sights): The ability to livestream footage down rifle sights in HD to command to advise chain of kill "F2T2EA" and provide command situational awareness of the battlefield (Similar DoD systems, none known with this exact ability).


The micro computer enabled rifle is less than half a pound in weight with minimal SWAP-C, while offering the operator and command a host of operational capabilities. This light weight "smart rifle" enabling system has HD Rapid Target Acquisition capabilities with out reliance on thermal imaging (leading to the thermal blob affect) and with out need for goggles (which removes Situational Awareness in door to door operations). Operators of the MCIR can shoot around corners and obstacles with ease, while organically understanding the system and thus not having to require specialized training. 

The current MCIR generation 08 system developed for the United States Air Force, 24th STS, 26th STS and AATC DOJ Special Warfare, can control all DJI Group I sUAS systems. The system can also offer secure Video Download Links and provide Situational Awareness to the warfighter. The operator no longer has to fumble around for a standalone device nor engage with their tactical assault vest and can utilize sUAS technology from the buttstock of their rifle with the MCIR system. Skilled operators have even shown the ability to cue sUAS while firing the MCIR system, even while firing the system around corners. Future generations will work with the DoD to integrate Group II and Group III UAS to the capabilities. Future capabilities include: AI, Machine Learning, Target Identification and ATAK integration.


The MCIR system has proven an ability to live stream what a solider is aiming at down rifle sights/optics, offsite to command. This is a tremendous breakthrough for command control/ Situational Awareness and also in  chain of kill "F2T2EA". The command live stream capability, when actually live streaming what a soldiers cross hairs are targeted on aid in the following steps of "F2TsEA".

  • Find: Command can aid in finding or cueing targets for the operator via live stream

  • Fix: Command can make suggestion on target location using visual clues and aid operators in formulating trajectories 

  • Track: Command can continually track targets down cross hairs and have insight on optimal combatant engagement windows

  • Target: Command can determine if the target warrants close air support, other small arms, artillery or other assets

  • Engage: Command can now give the optimal order to engage as if they were directly behind the rifles sights or optics  

  • Assess: Command can further asses damages via live stream and can rapidly asses for re-engagement 


As aforementioned, the capabilities were proven at [TRL-07] or "System prototype demonstration in a Warfighter environment" by the United States Air Force. The Gen 08 MCIR has been tested with over 1,000 live rounds. The 2021 Gen 09 is planned to be at [TRL-08]+ by March of 2021 to be demonstrated to USSOCOM showing advanced ATAK capability and upgraded micro computers.


Phase III "Sole Source" Authority for Easy Transaction for DoD End Users Available 

***Qualified LEO/ DoD Personnel ONLY***

***Qualified LEO/ DoD Personnel ONLY***

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